How to Save Money On Your Loans

At Pacific Service Credit Union, we want to be your trusted financial partner.  We understand that you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal around.   That’s why we’re proud to offer Loan Saver – an online calculator that determines if we can save you money.

Refinancing your auto, credit card, home equity, mortgage or personal loans from other lenders to us could save you hundreds of dollars a month.  Or maybe you’d prefer to convert your open-end credit cards to a fixed-rate loan.  A fixed-rate loan can be a smart cash management option.  Unlike revolving credit, your payment will be the same every month which can help with budgeting.  The payoff date is defined, so at the end of the term the balance will be paid in full.

With just a few pieces of information, you can calculate your potential savings in minutes.  It’s simple, free and there’s no commitment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather your loan and credit card statements
  2. Enter your existing loan, balance, rate and remaining term
  3. If you like the instant potential savings calculation, simply complete a request form. If we can’t save you money, there’s no obligation to go any further.

After we receive your online request, a member service representative will contact you and help you transfer your balances right away.  It only takes minutes to try!

For more information, call a member service representative at (888) 858-6878.

The Loan Saver service provides an estimate of potential loan savings, if any, by refinancing existing loan balances from another lender to Pacific Service CU. The potential savings calculation is based on the APR that you enter for your existing loan against the quoted APR offered by Pacific Service CU for the remaining term of your loan. APRs and potential savings calculations may vary and are not guaranteed. All savings calculations are estimates. Loans subject to all credit union policies and procedures. For more information, please call our Loan by Phone center at (888) 858-6878.


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